lose 5-18 pounds by next year


The World’s lowest calorie alcoholic drink.

Save 24%  and FREE SHIPPING in CA when you buy a case

What Is Perfekt Zero?

  • Made with orange wine it tastes like a citrus sparkling water
  • 100% natural, Zero Sugars/Carbs
  • 3.5% ABV (similar to a light beer)
  • 9 out of 10 prefer the taste!

Why is it Better? 

  • Your old drink can make you fat
  • Not switching adds 5-18 pounds every year!
  • Use our CALCULATOR to see how much you will lose!


The Difference Between 1 and 4 points?

Perfekt Zero is the World’s lowest calorie alcoholic drink and, has only 1 WW point! 

The difference is 5-8 pounds of extra body weight per year for the the average person.

save 24% on Case Orders

only 1 WW Point

how many pounds will you lose by switching?

fine print:

In CA, and the rest of the Country, alcoholic companies (like us) can’t sell directly to consumers (like you).  Instead, we need to sell through a retailer, and in this case, we use Vino Shipper, a classy and established Sonoma, CA Based retail partner.  They can be trusted with your personal info – trust us!  

We are not affiliated with WW.

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