Smarter, Healthier + Free Shipping!

Perfekt Zero:

The World’s Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drink – only 45

Ridiculously Good!

Perfekt Zero is the World’s lowest calorie alcoholic drink – with only 45.

Designed by geniuses who have won gold medals at the World’s biggest spirits competition.  Made in CA, light, clean, refreshing.

The Smartest alcoholic drink on the planet!

The World’s Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drink!

free shipping in CA!

Zero Sugars, Zero Carbs, Ridiculously Good!

fine print:

In CA, and the rest of the Country, alcoholic companies (like us) can’t sell directly to consumers (like you).  Instead, we need to sell through a retailer, and in this case, we use Vino Shipper, a classy and established Sonoma, CA Based retail partner.  They can be trusted with your personal info – trust us!  

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