The World's Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drink

Created Thoughtfully for the Health Conscious, Perfekt Zero is the World’s Lowest Calorie and Smartest Alcoholic Drink.

Deliciously light and refreshing with a citrus taste, ultra low calories, zero sugars, zero carbs, zero artificial ingredients and electrolytes.

Perfekt Zero was created by a team that has won gold medals for flavoring at the World’s biggest spirits competition. 

Sparkling, refreshing, and with a delicious light taste, it’s pretty perfect… almost as perfect as you! #urperfekt

Perfekt Zero is the World's Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drink

120 Fewer Sit Ups than White Claw, Truly, or Michelob Ultra!

Zero sugars, Zero net carbs, Zero artificial​

Available in California and Shipping to 40 States!

(see our “order” tab for where)

 116 Fewer Sit Ups than one Michelob Ultra

150 Fewer Wall Balls than one White Claw

1.4 Fewer Treadmill Miles than one Craft Beer

156  Fewer Push ups than one Wine

4 pack
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